L2L is a two year project being funded by the Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund looking at the Professional Development Framework for All Staff Who Teach in Higher Education through the lens of Library staff to see if it meets our professional development needs.

L2L Background

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Learning Zone

Professional Development For all Library Staff

So why should library staff get involved?

Library staff in Higher Education (HE) are actively involved in teaching, both formally and informally. Although our institutions are constantly striving to support our professional development, the diversity of the roles we perform and our unique role as ‘third space’ professionals means we are dealing with complex, complicated and evolving needs.

Who is the L2L team?

How do I get involved?

As members of the L2L community you will have access to:

Support and assistance, whatever stage you are at in your career
Membership in a community of practice that will support you as trainer, peer and mentor to others
Guidance and facilitation as you explore the ‘5 Domains’ of the Framework in a friendly and non-judgemental environment
Opportunities to work through issues, celebrate successes, and share pedagogical practices with others

Through involvement with L2L, you can be a part of a new experience of professional development.

What People are saying about the L2L Project

Some of the responses from Library staff who have come to our seminars