Welcome to L2L

L2L is a two year project being funded by the National Forum through its Teaching and Learning Enhancement Fund (https://www.teachingandlearning.ie/) looking at the Professional Development Framework for all Staff who Teach in Higher Education through the lens of Library staff to see if it meets our professional development needs.

Library staff in the Technological Higher Education Sector are academics and teach both formally and informally. The multi-layered nature of library work and our unique role as ‘third space’ professionals means we are dealing with complex, complicated and evolving professional development needs. Given our role as both librarians and academics, we were seeking a professional development process which gave us a framework and map for development and prompted deeper exploration or our roles, identity and experience.


What we did!

Quite simply, we started a new conversation about professional development that asks some familiar questions:

  • What does PD mean to us and how can we embed and sustain good PD practices?
  • How are our roles as library professionals evolving?
  • What do we need to do to meet these new challenges?
  • How do we identify and how is our identity constructed?
  • Is our experience valuable as research?
  • How does the student experience influence our professional development approaches?
  • And, most importantly, what can we do to ensure that our users get the most value out of our services?

Using the Professional Development Framework  for all Staff who Teach (PDF), Library Staff individually and in Triads have explored their experience using Action Research approaches and reflected on their professional development

By the end of the project we hope to have a formal accreditation to recognize the work of librarians who teach and provide the validation and recognition of the invaluable role library staff play as educators.


The Project is managed by a Steering Group, they are:

Ann Cleary, Librarian, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Mary Delaney, Librarian, Institute of Technology,  Carlow
Brendan Devlin
Jamie Ward
Christina McGuckian, Information Professional, Christina McGuckian IP Consultancy.
Angela Hannon
Moira Maguire, Head of Learning and Teaching, Dundalk Institute of Technology
Dr. Ashley O’Donoghue, DIT, Head of Staff Development
Philip Russell, Deputy Librarian, Institute of Technology Tallaght.
Brigid Carey, Liaison Librarian to the Faculty of Business and Humanities, Institute of Technology Carlow.
Claire McGuinness, Assistant Professor, School of Information & Communication Studies, UCD.
Gina Noonan, Head of Teaching and Learning Centre, Institute of Technology Carlow.
Rónán Lynch, Liaison Librarian to the Faculty of Engineering, Institute of Technology Carlow.
Dr. Jen Harvey, Head of the Learning, Teaching and Technology Centre, Dublin Institute of Technology.
Sheila Corrall, Professor of Library & Information Science, University of Pittsburgh, USA.


The role of the Steering Group is to:

To lead a national initiative on the Professional Development of Library Staff using the National Forum Framework.
To ensure effective and ethical governance.
To bring together people with skills, passion and interest to support the project.
To collaborate, manage and implement the project.
To positively acknowledge, support and promote the role of Library Staff in their teaching roles.


Membership of the Steering Group is drawn from:

Each of the L2L participant Libraries
National and International Experts
Representatives of Teaching and Learning Units at each site
Library Association of Ireland
Students of Library and Information Science


The Steering Group meets quarterly.



About the Professional Development Framework (PDF)

The National Professional Development Framework for all staff who teach in Higher Education can be found here:


The PDF uses the term ‘teach’ as “inclusive of all the activities involved in the teaching and the facilitation of student learning. The term incorporates the principles of student engagement in the learning process” (P.1). It also addresses all types of learning: formal, informal, structured, unstructured, non-accredited, accredited, collaborative, and individual. The PDF is underpinned by the values of:

  • Collaboration
  • Inclusivity
  • Authenticity
  • Scholarship
  • Learner-Centreness

The PDF is designed to be a career-long development tool and can be used on an on-going basis throughout our working lives.

To facilitate engagement, participants can explore the PDF through five domains. These domains can be revisited over time.


The Domains are:

  • Domain 1: The Self
  • Domain 2: Professional Identity, Values, and development in Teaching and Learning
  • Domain 3: Professional Communication and Dialogue in Teaching and Learning
  • Domain 4: Professional Knowledge and Skills in Teaching and Learning
  • Domain 5: Personal and Professional Digital Capacity in Teaching and Learning



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