Domain 1: Description

This Domain is central to any Professional Development and informs all the other aspect of the framework. It asks us to reflect on and articulate the “..personal values, perspectives and emotions that individuals bring to their teaching, including self-awareness, confidence, life experience…” (PDF)


Exploring Self reminds us that we are humans and not machines. Knowing what matters to us as Library staff, discovering our values and beliefs gives us the ground from which to explore our practice.
As individuals we are also engaging with the Framework from different perspectives, with different aims and from different stages of our working lives. Including these and other aspects of who we are gives a depth and a framework to engagement with our work, experiences and our learning and research.

Domain 1: Elements

1.1 Identification of and reflection on the key personal characteristics (values, perspectives and emotions) that motivate and challenge teaching, and their impact on student learning and the scholarship of teaching and learning.

1.2 Reflection on prior learning and life experiences that contribute, or are barriers, to teaching, i.e. prior experience and knowledge: as a student, as a teacher, as a researcher and in life.

1.3 Articulation of a personal philosophy of and approach to teaching.

1.4 Reflection on the impact of current working context on self.

1.5 Awareness of the extent to which personal philosophy aligns with or confronts current institutional,
national and international context and associated values.

Key to understanding the significance of this domain is to reflect on and articulate your own teaching philosophy. Have a look at this short video for prompts on what and how to develop such a statement.

Developing a teaching philosophy statement for library staff who teach

Jean McNiff on developing a teaching philosophy

Video content: Short 2 min exert from a series of interviews with Jean McNiff

Renowned theorist and writer Jean McNiff discusses her ideas on what it is to be a teacher and facilitator of learning – not only for the students in your care but also for yourself as a learner also.

“Teaching is a generosity of spirit”

“Teaching helps us to realize our capacities…to become more than we are..”

Tools for Enquiring into Domain 1

Reflections on the Value of Domain 1 to the Professional Development of Library Staff.