Domain 2: Description

This domain emphasises the importance of the develoment and self-evaluation of professional/disciplinary identity and its associated roles, responsibilities and action plans.  It encourages staff to consider their professional and/or disciplinary identity in their context (for example, an academic staff member, an educational technologist, learning support staff who teach, etc.) at a particular point in time.  This domain supports the development of staff’s critical reflection skills and the evaluation of their teaching.  In particular, it emphasises the importance of the development of the scholarship of teaching and learning.  Some key professional values are identified.  The importance of planning for professional development activities in institutional or other contexts is also highlighted as part of this domain.


Domain 2: Elements

2.1 An articulation of a professional/disciplinary identity, including current roles and responsibilities, and identification of unique features of current roles and responsibilities that potentially impact on teaching and learning practices, e.g. external examining, industry liaison, outreach activities, technological competence, information and literacy developement.
2.2 Evaluation of teaching and impact on student learning, based on self/peer review/peer observation, student feedback and/or other evidence.
2.3 Awareness of and contribution to the scholarships of teaching and learning, through sharing of practice, developing evidence-based approaches, research into, dissememination and/or application of research on teaching and learning.
2.4 Enactment of the values underpinning professional development and consideration of; respect for individuals and groups of diverse learners and staff; awareness of and promotion of ethical values and behaviour; promotion of participation of student learners; advancement and advocacy of discipline; sharing of resources; developing collegiality; identifying unconscious gender bias; commitment to reflective and evidence-based practice and citizenship (contributing to the institution/society’s ethical and civic purpose).
2.5 Development and monitoring of an evidence-based, reflective professional development learning plan for their context.


Tools for Enquiring into Domain 2

How does Domain 2 Impact on Student Learning?

Reflections on the Value of Domain 2 to the Professional Development of Library Staff