This page represents a particular part of the Domains in the PDF that resonates with library staff, i.e. Identity



Do you think library staff have a clear professional Identity in 3rd level context

How do you understand Professional Identity as it applies to library staff

Philip Cohen discusses what has been the impact of L2L project

Sheila Corrall discusses what are the Key Competencies of being a teaching librarian.

Dr Brendan Devlin in Conversation with Lorna O'Connor

Dr Bernadette Brereton in conversation with Lorna O'Connor

Brian McQuaid, IT Carlow Libraries as academic support

David Denieffe, IT Carlow Importance of Libraries

Dr Michael Mulvey on the Librarian as Teacher

Dr David Ryan, IT Carlow on the Importance of Libraries

Dr Diana Michel (DIT libraries) presentation on why Irish higher educational professionals undertake Doctoral Research.