This domain emphasises the importance of both disciplinary knowledge and disciplinary approaches to
teaching (disciplinary pedagogies), while also drawing on inter-disciplinary experiences and approaches.

Library staff are increasingly asked to deliver Information Literacy classes within a formal classroom environment.

Library staff who teach have a growing body of research surrounding the development and delivery of Information Literacy sessions.

Some examples are

The Professional Development Framework in 4.5 describes the Application of appropriately aligned assessment and learner-oriented feedback approaches from one’s own discipline

Constructive Alignment

As part of the L2L process of engagement with the PDF the DkIT library Information Literacy team undertook Constructive Alignment in its IL offerings for 2018.

This meant that in the IL content:

* All components in the teaching system are aligned to each other to facilitate the achievement of the intended learning outcomes.

* The curriculum, the intended aims, learning outcomes, teaching methods and resources and the assessment tasks and criteria for evaluating it, are all aligned.


Key elements

– Defining the intended learning outcomes

– Choosing teaching/learning activities likely to lead to help and encourage students to

attain these objectives

– Engaging students in these learning activities through the teaching process

– Assessing students’ learning outcomes using methods that enable students to demonstrate

the intended learning and evaluating how well they match what was intended

– Arriving at a final grade, and perhaps in the case of formative assessment, giving feedback

to help students improve their learning.


All of the classes have the ACRL learning outcomes built in to the class content.

This Domain emphasizes “..staff’s capacity to design
and implement innovative and creative teaching and learning approaches at different levels of curriculum.” Central to this is our own ability to assess our teaching methods and receive feedback constructively. This tool was a useful process for the library staff who teach in DkIT.

This is a tool used for evaluating your teaching to develop and improve your teaching

Critical Friend Programme