Brigid Carey introduces Domain 5

Domain 5: Description

This domain emphasises the importance of personal and professional digital capacity and the application of digital skills and knowledge to professional practice.  The domain focuses on the development of personal confidence in digital skills to develop professional competence and the identification of opportunites for technology to support and enhance student learning.  This domain is underpinned by the National Digital Skills Framework for Education.

Digital tools: Tools to enhance teaching and learning in the library:

Description: Orla Foley takes us through some examples of digital tools that are freely available that can be used in a library setting. It includes a brief description of what each method consists of and why it is important for CPD.

Domain 5: Elements

5.1 Awarness of the key digital aspects and opportunities on the higher education landscape and adoption of an evidence-based approach to the application of technology in the design of learning for students (Teach and Learn).
5.2 Application of educational and day-to-day tools and resources to support personal learning, teaching and scholarship (Tools and Technologies).
5.3 Application of technologies for effective communication and collaboration with student, professional and social communities (Communication and Collaboration)
5.4 Use of digital tools to create and develop new learning materials, embedding a range of media and interactive resources (Create and Innovate).
5.5 Application of digital search strategies, skills and knowledge of the issues around the sharing and copyrights of digital resources (Find and Use).
5.6 Consideration of personal and other’s wellbeing and awareness of the nature of online identity, data and information, and privacy and protection in ways that are ethical and respectful (Identity and Wellbeing).

Tools for Enquiring into Domain 5

Reflections on the Value of Domain 5 to the Professional Development of Library Staff