If you are considering developing an e-portfolio for your CPD, there is an excellent site that guides you through the basics at e-Portfoliohub

What technologies are available?

Selecting an e-portfolio platform is a personal choice

There are a large number of different e-portfolio platforms available, and a good many are free to use. The L2L committee does not recommend any in particular, but rather we advise that you put some thought into selecting the right one for your own purposes before you begin on your portfolio.

This is a good selection of ePortfolio Platforms for Use in Higher Education reviewed by the e-portfoliohub.

Selecting an e-portfolio

Some prompts and advice on what you should be looking for in selecting a platform for your e-portfolio is available here.

e-portfolios for starters

Effective practice guide (for PD and e-portfolios)

Case studies, Links and Videos