The LAI encourages members to engage with professional development. It does this by accrediting recognised taught programmes, awarding Associateship and Fellowship to its members who satisfy the required criteria and by offering certificates to all those who attend recognised CPD courses.


Dr Philip Cohen discusses CPD

Dr Philip Cohen on Cullen Report

Librarians who teach in Higher Education will be developing skills and competencies that are relevant in their roles within their institutions but these same skills and competencies can also be given credit for their CPD development and in some cases meet the necessary requirements for the Library Association of Irelands Associateship and Fellowship. This parallel recognition of professional development would be extremely beneficial and time and cost effective. A significant factor in the awarding of the ALAI and FLAI is the demonstration of evidence of competencies but also where these competencies and skills have helped further the profession.

(Burns 2018)

Listed below are the domains of the PDF and how achievements in these domains could be
considered as satisfying the requirements for LAI professional recognition.

Continuous Professional Development and Library Staff 

Below are some discussions about the importance of continuous professional development for Library Staff.